Old rusted water tank ready to be removed and scrapped

Tank Removal

We can remove your unwanted or broken water tank for you. Whether it’s domestic or industrial, we will take it away professionally, safely, and for a great price.

Chimney Dismantling

If you have an old, damaged, or unstable chimney, we can help. We will remove your chimney stack safely and quickly. We’re excellent value and we’ll even take everything away.

Large piece of scrap metal being lifted high in the air by a crane

Skip hired and filled with scrap metal to trade in

Skip Hire

If you have a lot of unwanted scrap metal, then a skip may be the option for you.

We offer you a skip delivery and pick up service to ensure that all of your unwanted scrap metal is taken off your hands. We’ll pay you top prices for all of the unwanted scrap metal you give us to take away.

Do you have industrial or domestic scrap metal?

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